Try to make a difference

This time I will try to make a difference, I will try to keep track of what I have been doing and really post more often. At first thought that is a bit crazy, since my life is much more busy now with another soul to take care of. But maybe that is the right incentive. The only thing that I need to make sure is that this does not become yet another blog on how my baby is so awesome :) (though at times I will have to mention this).

I decided to write for real because I have the same things running through my head now and then, and a couple of new things that I think that are worth being “recorded” somewhere, mainly for my own use.

It’s just the beginning, I want to learn more about how to promote the blog, maybe this will keep me from procrastinating. Maybe I won’t manage a post a day, but the plan is to have at least one a week.

So what better moment to start than a new start in my life: new soul, new project (not yet new job) and new desire to get my “mojo” back. So this should be the right time to write, to open myself, to find the energy to transform my thoughts into something worth a penny.Cheesy note: Maybe Emma will read this one day and find some embarrassing posts about her.